Monday, October 29, 2007

It's About Time

Having been teaching the Clariions for the past 7 years, I think it is time to have a place where knowledge, concepts, thoughts, advice, etc. are easily shared. I am going to be posting issues that have come up over the past days, weeks, months, years for all to view. It will be like you are back in the classroom listening to my dumb jokes all over again.

As you leave class, take this address with you to share with co-workers, as a place to ask and answer questions, to get the latest updates in the simplest forms, all of the good stuff.

Feel free to email me:

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Justin varghese said...

I found your blog to be a treasure trove of very useful and valuable information.
Thank you for the time and effort in providing this valuable information.

asg2ki said...

This is definitely one of the most valuable Clariion information source. By the way I have couple of unresolved questions with my FC4700, however due to the lack of management software. If you are willing to help via closed discussion, please send me a private message. Keep up the good work.

san guy said... you have it in your basement storing your personal mp3s...shoot me an email, and i will see what i can do for ya...

Konrad said...


I have found your blog very useful. I've deployed SAN in my company based mainly on your tips. I have also a question. Please answer if you have time.. I'm using CX3-20 FC in my environment and I'm wondering if it is possible to connect set of IDE disks to the array and manage them from Navisphere. I think about using EMC array to store data for which data tranfer is not critical but price is ;) What do you think about it?


san guy said...


if you are talking of using ATA drives in the Clariion, no problem. However, the DAE for ATA's is going to be different than what is used for the Fibre Disks. If you have data on the Fibre disks that you want to move onto the ATA disks, LUN Migration is the best way to go. It is a very cost effective way of moving data around on the back of the Clariion and saving money too.

desrtwinker said...

Will you please discuss about multipathing software like Powerpath in the future!



Anonymous said...

Please help me

I have send a message for u.


srini-unix said...


I am srinivasan from chennai., i am working in Unix platform for 5+ yrs, ( AIX / Linux ).
I am planning switch to SAN storage..specialist in EMC.

Could please suggest the best institue in chennai for training..I search my best i am not able to find one in chennai...

I have send the mail for u too...please suggest.